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10 careers to choose in cloud computing

In this fast moving world, one has to adapt the changes from the environment really fast. People rely on computing so much these that they consider going out of their houses to find jobs a waste of time and energy. There is no doubt about the advancement of cloud computing but are you considering cloud computing a career? Where few are amazed by the increased adoption of the cloud technology, others are frightened. Proper guide lines are needed in order to end this fear.
10 careers to choose in cloud computing

Technical skills required:

On cloud computing, there are three main categories of the technical careers,
- IT Architects, the people who are in charge for outlining main solutions,
- IT Administrators, the people in charge for preserving the service providing setup,
- IT Consultants, the people who are in charge of dealing with people, making sure their service is up to expectations, in order words understanding the needs of the clients.  


1- Cloud architect:

- Job description:
Command on the development and implementation of steps based on cloud to make the system secure, reliable, supportable and easy to use.
- Requirement:
  B.S. /B.E. in computer science, 5+ experience in multi-national firm, command on the softwares, and hands-on experience with public cloud provider.

2- Cloud software engineer:

- Job description:
Command on design and development of softwares that incorporate with cloud service provider.
- Requirement:
B.S/ B.E. in computer science, 3+ years’ experience in development and design of software that incorporate with Cloud computing, command on programming experience on Linux operating system, command on understanding the code language.

3- Cloud sales:

- Job description:
Command on developing and rising cloud business with C-language professionals and other customers from the market
- Requirement:
Bachelor’s degree in business administration or Public administration with 5+ years’ experience in client-facing person, extremely effective communication skills, ability to travel to other place for meeting clients.

4- Cloud engineer:

- Job description:
Command on planning and conducting tasks that are related to maintaining and execution of the infrastructure.
- Requirement:
B.S. /B.E. in computer science, 5+ years’ experience with maintaining the infrastructure of the organization and providing services related to cloud whenever needed.

5- Cloud services developer:

- Job description:
Command in designing and building softwares like management portals that can bridge the cloud service provider and user.
- Requirement:
B.S./B.E. in computer science, 5+ years’ experience with cloud designing and engineering, commands on C-language and programing.

6- Cloud systems administrator:

-Job description:
Command in preserving the systems, and troubleshooting when problem faced, command in using software like Linux, knowledge of development of cloud.
- Requirement:
B.S/ B.E in computer science, 5+ years of experience in operating system administration, command on programming and programming languages like C-language, command on software like Linux.

7- Cloud consultant:

- Job description:
Conducting and providing proper guidelines related to technical cloud based studies and related technology.
- Requirement:
5+ years of consulting experience specifically IT consulting, highly effective communication skills, knows more than one language, in order to entertain large amount of people.

8- Cloud systems engineer:

- Job description:
Command in building and designing the whole cloud based systems.
- Requirements:
B.S. / B.E. in computer science, information technology, telecommunication, 6+ years’ experience in large integrated systems, experience with monitoring as well as diagnostic tools.

9- Cloud network engineer:

- Job description:
Maintenance of hardware network, software as well as the infrastructure of the cloud.
- Requirement:
B.S. in computer science, command on C-language ad programming.

10- Cloud product manager:

- Job description:

Planning related to cloud that includes steps following and creating strategy to gow and expand the cloud, and empowering the cloud related sale.
- Requirement:
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Public Administration, 5+ years’ experience in a software company, highly effective communication skills.
Cloud computing is becoming the most popular field when it comes to career hunting.  Today large amount of organizations, institutions both government as well as private are investing largely in order to maintain the big data records.

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Cloud Storage Customer Support.

Customer Support for Cloud Storage
Why the main channel for interaction with customers is our ticket system

Firstly, the customer, please contact technical support by phone, often at the mercy of emotions and cannot provide an accurate description of the problem. Very often we have to deal with users who are technically literate enough and unable to talk coherently about any problems they have.

If the dialogue has to be carried only in formal writing, the customer will inevitably have to describe the problem as accurately as possible, highlighting the most important and apart from the minor points. If the request from the customer entered on the phone, the helpdesk staff would have to spend a lot of time on the details. A lot of effort has gone to another drawing logical description of the problem situation on the basis of oral communications client, more than half consist of experiences.

Moreover, when communicating by phone in most cases it is impossible to immediately respond to the complex issues that require additional work on our part. If maintenance is carried out by mail, loss and distortion of information have to face all the time someone forgot to put the desired destination in a copy of someone miss important information when citing, accidentally fell into the message spam, etc. The ticket system is saved the whole history of interaction. Regularly analyzing the history of correspondence with clients, it is possible to identify common problems and solutions - it greatly simplifies and accelerates the work of the engineer. For customers can also develop recommendations for action in the recurring problem situations, which also allows them to make communication with the technical support service more informative and effective. In addition, in situations where the client is working on a request several specialists, ticket system helps them to coordinate actions and track the status of the issue.

Uncommon situation where the decision to be withdrawn problem you want to send a strictly defined professionals who are currently not in place. When sending messages by phone information through a third party having the inevitable distortion that affects the speed and quality of the solution. If the ticket is addressed directly to the specialist, it allows you to establish direct contact with the customer and to avoid the effect of broken telephone when dealing with him.

We also add that many of the engineers is much easier to communicate with customers in writing than on the phone. The company management can more quickly evaluate the performance of technical support engineers, analyzing the history of correspondence in the ticket system, rather than spending time listening to records of telephone conversations.
Secondly, customer support exclusively through ticket system is also carried out for security reasons. When a user creates a new ticket, the system recorded the date and time of treatment, number of the agreement, as well as IP-address from which the appeal was made. On the basis of this data can easily identify the customer.

When the phone tech support (even if Caller determined and all the talk in the mandatory written) such identification accuracy is impossible. Many schemes of social engineering (i.e. E. Access to information resources through psychological manipulation and use of the human factor) just based on the phone calls from the nominees. Expand these schemes are extremely difficult, since the identification of the caller is a very difficult and sometimes impossible task. In addition, separate problem is proving the existence of criminal intent in the actions of the caller.

Support by e-mail does not guarantee the accurate identification of the user submit bogus message on behalf of anyone can. Since uniquely identify the sender of the message is very difficult, mail is often used as an instrument of social engineering and phishing.

Clearance Cloud Dedicated Servers.

Clearance Cloud Dedicated Servers
We announce the beginning of sales, which will give our customers the chance to rent a dedicated server is much lower than the real price. It is organized on the principle of so-called Dutch auction.

The rules are very simple. I put on sale several configurations of dedicated servers, which is the current list in the Order of Service» ? «Cloud Dedicated Server tab in Sales. Sale is conducted for a limited period, during which the price of the rental of these servers is uniformly reduced.

Once you see next to the configuration you are interested in a price that you think are the most attractive - immediately press the Buy button (this button is displayed only if your balance has sufficient funds to pay the rent). The intrigue lies in the fact that while you wait for a minimum price, someone can always get ahead of you.

The price of each server is reduced to a certain minimum. Server, whose price has reached the bottom of the points highlighted in the list of golden color. If it will not be acquired for two hours, then it is withdrawn from sale.

Customers who purchase servers on sale, will receive a number of additional advantages. Firstly, with them will not be charged an installation charge. Second, follow the rental price will be equal to that server, which was paid at the time of purchase.

Automatic Installation of the OS on Cloud Servers.

setup cloud server at home
In the previous article we mentioned the management of dedicated servers downloading and promised to show something more interesting. We are glad to introduce a fully automatic installation of operating systems on dedicated servers.

For many of our customers install the OS on the server is a matter troublesome and not much fun. Usually this was done by our engineers, spending more time with the number of servers and clients. Therefore it was decided to fully automate the process, thus making it extremely flexible and simple for the client.
It was also decided to add some fun to the format of articles and show the whole process as a screencast on the example of installing the recently released CentOS 6.4.

Perhaps the easiest OS installation howto

We begin of course with server profiles - opens a list server, find the server you want and go for it. Be sure to assign the server IPv4 address, if not done previously.

Next, go to the page you reinstall the server and specify the data required for the installation
Hostname Server, the default number of the server registers a unique kind csNNNN;
Choose OS distribution according to your requirements and personal preferences;

Architecture (bit depth) OS, we recommend x86_64, if you have no special requirements;
The version of the operating system, we recommend the latest release (for Ubuntu LTS subsequent release).

Select the type of software RAID closer look. On most of our dedicated servers, there are two or more hard drives, but there is no hardware RAID controller. Therefore, we strongly recommend our customers to use the software RAID1 (mirrored) or RAID10 (mirroring plus striping, but in such a raid is required 4+ disk) to improve the reliability of data storage. For this reason, we have abandoned the option of adding RAID0 (striping), as in use and the failure of one of the HDD will lose all information stored on the server. Total currently available

Without RAID, we recommend to use in the presence of only one server or disk using hardware RAID-controller. The installation will be performed on the first drive, and the rest will be left not tagged;

RAID1 array will be collected from the first two drives, the remaining disks are not tagged will be left;

RAID10 uses the first 4 drives, the others will be left not tagged;

Pay attention to the fact that we should not try to assemble RAID10 on a server with 1 disk, OS installer probably will not understand the joke. Take into account all the possible combinations of servers, it is not possible, especially taking into account any server configuration. Therefore, in this issue we rely on your discretion.

Then last, but very important stage - the choice of partitioning. Required sections  boot (1 GB)  (5 GB), swap (at least 4 GB). You can add any number of sections, and delete them. Each section indicates the size in GB, and one of the sections should be marked to fill the seat. As the file system, we recommend using the default ext4, is also aware that some operating systems impose certain restrictions on the choice of the FS.

An IPv6 Address in the Cloud.

An IPv6 Address in the Cloud.

IPv6 in all templates are included by default. All new machines are installed with the IPv6 setting, and after installation is available in its IPv6 address;

The list of templates available OpenSUSE 12.3 with the kernel Linux 3.7-xen;
The story about the practical problems we encountered in the operation of IPv6.
With Suse everything is clear, so we discuss the consequences IPv6.

IPv6 for Cloud Servers

For all virtual machines in pools, when installing a new virtual machine and reinstall the existing IPv6 support enabled by default (and is the preferred protocol for outgoing connections). IPv4, of course, is still up and running. Earlier we gave out IPv6, but not enabled by default.

Why do it Honestly, right now the lion's share of the Internet runs on ipv4. Some islands have a live IPv6 in Asia, plus a few large sites (such as, (shame Facebook, which IPv6 is not!)) Meet over IPv6. Home users in Russia, almost all work only for IPv4.

However, the transition to IPv6 should happen - and the more sites will be ready to work with IPv6, the easier and safer transition to happen, so it's an investment in the future.

What does the emergence of IPv6, practical point of view to specifically taken the cloud server
Site users who have walked the IPv4 as the IPv4 address, so walk and will;

Users who have IPv6 can go to IPv6 address of the server only if the address is registered in DNS (AAAA-record);

Outgoing connections from the server to IPv4-only nodes will keep using IPv4;

Outgoing connections to the server nodes with IPv6 and IPv4 addresses will go to the use of IPv6 addresses.

The service cloud servers have unofficial competition with a service cloud storage who will have more IPv6 traffic. Until now cloud storage to win - but it is hoped to drag the flag on its side.

Main, which goes IPv6 traffic
Services Google

Most of the Cloud Servers using IPv6 for the mirror, but not including, the search for, alas), and the remaining Mirror distributions that mostly support IPv6;

If you make the AAAA record for the domain, guglovy robot will come to you over IPv6. If you have a web crawler or fetch with other people's sites, it also will prefer IPv6.