Sunday, 11 October 2015

An IPv6 Address in the Cloud.

An IPv6 Address in the Cloud.

IPv6 in all templates are included by default. All new machines are installed with the IPv6 setting, and after installation is available in its IPv6 address;

The list of templates available OpenSUSE 12.3 with the kernel Linux 3.7-xen;
The story about the practical problems we encountered in the operation of IPv6.
With Suse everything is clear, so we discuss the consequences IPv6.

IPv6 for Cloud Servers

For all virtual machines in pools, when installing a new virtual machine and reinstall the existing IPv6 support enabled by default (and is the preferred protocol for outgoing connections). IPv4, of course, is still up and running. Earlier we gave out IPv6, but not enabled by default.

Why do it Honestly, right now the lion's share of the Internet runs on ipv4. Some islands have a live IPv6 in Asia, plus a few large sites (such as, (shame Facebook, which IPv6 is not!)) Meet over IPv6. Home users in Russia, almost all work only for IPv4.

However, the transition to IPv6 should happen - and the more sites will be ready to work with IPv6, the easier and safer transition to happen, so it's an investment in the future.

What does the emergence of IPv6, practical point of view to specifically taken the cloud server
Site users who have walked the IPv4 as the IPv4 address, so walk and will;

Users who have IPv6 can go to IPv6 address of the server only if the address is registered in DNS (AAAA-record);

Outgoing connections from the server to IPv4-only nodes will keep using IPv4;

Outgoing connections to the server nodes with IPv6 and IPv4 addresses will go to the use of IPv6 addresses.

The service cloud servers have unofficial competition with a service cloud storage who will have more IPv6 traffic. Until now cloud storage to win - but it is hoped to drag the flag on its side.

Main, which goes IPv6 traffic
Services Google

Most of the Cloud Servers using IPv6 for the mirror, but not including, the search for, alas), and the remaining Mirror distributions that mostly support IPv6;

If you make the AAAA record for the domain, guglovy robot will come to you over IPv6. If you have a web crawler or fetch with other people's sites, it also will prefer IPv6.