Sunday, 11 October 2015

Cloud Storage Customer Support.

Customer Support for Cloud Storage
Why the main channel for interaction with customers is our ticket system

Firstly, the customer, please contact technical support by phone, often at the mercy of emotions and cannot provide an accurate description of the problem. Very often we have to deal with users who are technically literate enough and unable to talk coherently about any problems they have.

If the dialogue has to be carried only in formal writing, the customer will inevitably have to describe the problem as accurately as possible, highlighting the most important and apart from the minor points. If the request from the customer entered on the phone, the helpdesk staff would have to spend a lot of time on the details. A lot of effort has gone to another drawing logical description of the problem situation on the basis of oral communications client, more than half consist of experiences.

Moreover, when communicating by phone in most cases it is impossible to immediately respond to the complex issues that require additional work on our part. If maintenance is carried out by mail, loss and distortion of information have to face all the time someone forgot to put the desired destination in a copy of someone miss important information when citing, accidentally fell into the message spam, etc. The ticket system is saved the whole history of interaction. Regularly analyzing the history of correspondence with clients, it is possible to identify common problems and solutions - it greatly simplifies and accelerates the work of the engineer. For customers can also develop recommendations for action in the recurring problem situations, which also allows them to make communication with the technical support service more informative and effective. In addition, in situations where the client is working on a request several specialists, ticket system helps them to coordinate actions and track the status of the issue.

Uncommon situation where the decision to be withdrawn problem you want to send a strictly defined professionals who are currently not in place. When sending messages by phone information through a third party having the inevitable distortion that affects the speed and quality of the solution. If the ticket is addressed directly to the specialist, it allows you to establish direct contact with the customer and to avoid the effect of broken telephone when dealing with him.

We also add that many of the engineers is much easier to communicate with customers in writing than on the phone. The company management can more quickly evaluate the performance of technical support engineers, analyzing the history of correspondence in the ticket system, rather than spending time listening to records of telephone conversations.
Secondly, customer support exclusively through ticket system is also carried out for security reasons. When a user creates a new ticket, the system recorded the date and time of treatment, number of the agreement, as well as IP-address from which the appeal was made. On the basis of this data can easily identify the customer.

When the phone tech support (even if Caller determined and all the talk in the mandatory written) such identification accuracy is impossible. Many schemes of social engineering (i.e. E. Access to information resources through psychological manipulation and use of the human factor) just based on the phone calls from the nominees. Expand these schemes are extremely difficult, since the identification of the caller is a very difficult and sometimes impossible task. In addition, separate problem is proving the existence of criminal intent in the actions of the caller.

Support by e-mail does not guarantee the accurate identification of the user submit bogus message on behalf of anyone can. Since uniquely identify the sender of the message is very difficult, mail is often used as an instrument of social engineering and phishing.