Sunday, 11 October 2015

Clearance Cloud Dedicated Servers.

Clearance Cloud Dedicated Servers
We announce the beginning of sales, which will give our customers the chance to rent a dedicated server is much lower than the real price. It is organized on the principle of so-called Dutch auction.

The rules are very simple. I put on sale several configurations of dedicated servers, which is the current list in the Order of Service» ? «Cloud Dedicated Server tab in Sales. Sale is conducted for a limited period, during which the price of the rental of these servers is uniformly reduced.

Once you see next to the configuration you are interested in a price that you think are the most attractive - immediately press the Buy button (this button is displayed only if your balance has sufficient funds to pay the rent). The intrigue lies in the fact that while you wait for a minimum price, someone can always get ahead of you.

The price of each server is reduced to a certain minimum. Server, whose price has reached the bottom of the points highlighted in the list of golden color. If it will not be acquired for two hours, then it is withdrawn from sale.

Customers who purchase servers on sale, will receive a number of additional advantages. Firstly, with them will not be charged an installation charge. Second, follow the rental price will be equal to that server, which was paid at the time of purchase.